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New Release


  • Let’s Rock! TCL T2 Gaming Box Game Console is Coming Near

    While coming to April, days are getting hotter and hotter. The situation is the same for video game. There will be two Android gaming box/ gaming console released during this month. The first one that will be available on 28th, April is TCL T2 Android game box console. The secon

  • Believe or not Believe? Willgoo Will Release Their Own Gaming Tablet Soon!

    Here comes the April 1st. It is the day that is very important for Willgoo- Android gaming tablets for gamers on line shop. We are tired to sell tablets for gaming from other brand; we are tired to deal with the bad quality gaming console tablets. Well, this time we will say goo

  • Will The Best Android Gaming tablet Be Released IN 2014?

    Well, we know this topic may be too big to be discussed. But expecting the best gaming tablet is all gamers’ demand. Then will you believe the best Android tablet for gaming be released in 2014? What aspects the best gaming tablet should have? We knew Yinlips YDPG18 at

  • FunBox- Android Gaming TV BOX

    Watch out! Here comes the “Bomb”- FunBOX- the latest Android gaming TV box. Though this gaming box is still not released( officially released time is about 19th, March 2014), Willgoo bring you its first impression after converting sources that we got here. Accordi

  • [Deen0X's REVIEW] GPD-G7 (Quad-Core, 7″)

    [REVIEW] GPD-G7 (Quad-Core, 7″) Note: I tried to write this directly in english, but most probably i will make many mistakes. Hope you understand main information of this article, that most of it is technical info, and forgive these mistakes. Any correction i will