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New Release


  • Finally, JXD S7300C Game Pad is Available Now!

    4 Days after we wrote the article for the stocks for JXD S7300c, and today we bring you good news on it. Now this new JXD S7300 Android gaming tablet game pad will be in our warehouse. Like what we do usually, Willgoo will take some reviews on it and show you more details on it.

  • Is 2014 New Game Pad JXD S7300C Really Ready?

    Yes, we had contacted the news for JXD S7300C with the factory for many many times. Still no luck till now. Their sales men confirmed us that this game pad S7300C is still not available. Then why you still can see some listing on other sites? Strange? Well, here is the ba

  • The first part of Funbox Gaming Review

    Still remember Funbox? It is the new gaming box from ZTE called Funbox Android Box or Funbox gaming Box. Whatever, you got his name. Willgoo had got one unit in hand for a few days. And we will take a series of videos on showing more details of it. So far, we can not find how

  • Smartisan T1 Smart Phone Chui zi Phone Released from Smartisan

    The latest Smart Phone called Smartisan T1 or Chui zi Smart Phone is released tonight at 19:30 Beijing Time. Willgoo bring you its news as below: What is its specification? Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8274AC CPU; 4.95 inch 1080P FHD IPS JDI screen, 445ppi; 13-mega

  • Flashsell JXD S7300 At Price $59.99 Limited Quantity

    Flashsell JXD S7300 in $59.99 US dollars! The first batch is 10 units. Limited quantity! We will give away three batches by three times. 30 units JXD S7300 in this low price in total!Just click this link to grab one unit for you:http://www.willgoo.com/jxd-s7300-dual-core-hd-ga